Wanneroo, Western Australia, 6065

0458 981 611

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About Us

Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different levels or frequencies. Even objects we perceive as solid are vibrating at a molecular level. Including you.

Your vibration is what makes you unique and this should be celebrated.

At Mystic Energies we help you harness and amplify your personal vibration by providing you with premium top quality products and services.

Mystic Energies is a Holistic Therapy business specialising in professional Usui Reiki and Access Bars treatments. 

Focusing on deep healing techniques, we get to know our clients prior to their session by asking questions about their current situation. This allows for a tailored approach to each treatment making the specific to you and your needs at the time. 

Each treatment session is facilitated by our trained and insured practitioners, conducted in a private room located in Wanneroo. We provide a safe and professional space for both our facilitators and our clients.

We also stock quality crystals and gemstones that would be prized by any collector or practitioner, A massive range of Himalayan salt lamps (so many you could have a different style in every room) and a wide range of other unique gift ideas ensuring even the hardest to buy for will be satisfied.


Meet Our Practitioners

Owner/ Reiki Master - Corey Skelton

Corey is a passionate holistic therapist with a vast understanding of how we each give and receive energy throughout our lives. Corey has been a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Master/Teacher since 2017, working with a large variety of people, and assisting them to achieve their health and wellness goals. In April 2018, he became an Access Bars Practitioner, adding this modality to his other achievements in Crystal Therapy and Multidimensional Healing. Corey has a passion for nature, so in his spare time he can be found working in his ever-changing garden; recharging and re-energising his personal power in the process.
In 2018, Corey created and facilitated a weekly mixed modality healing circle, which allows people of different modalities to practise their passions, while learning different aspects of energy healing from each other.