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Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki translates to ‘Universal life force energy’ or ‘Spiritual Energy’. Reiki as a healing modality, has grown substantially in the last decade and was originally brought into our awareness in the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui. Today, there are dozens of variations to the original form as over time the techniques and energies have varied depending on the requirements of the master and the earth at the time.

Reiki is within all living things. It surrounds us, we breath it in and we influence it every day. It has others names such as ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’ depending on which part the world you originate from these may be more familiar to you.

The techniques used within your healing session is known as Usui Shiki Ryôhô (Usui System of Natural Healing) which will be referred to Usui Reiki for ease of understanding.

Usui Reiki allows access to a pure form of Reiki which will flow between you and the practitioner for the duration of the session.

During the session it is not uncommon for the recipients to feel hot and cold sensations, tingling throughout the body, see a varying array of colours or various other sensory stimulation and the reiki flows through their body and auric field.

Reiki will flow to where it is required within the body no matter where the practitioner happens to be directing the flow at the time. Reiki works in your physical and energetic bodies at the same time. So just because you present with a sore right hip in the physical, does not necessarily mean that is where the ailment originates.

Reiki can be used for almost any ailment including;

Stress management,

Pain management,

Emotional blockages,

Mental clarity and focus,

Quicker surgery recovery,

Immunity enhancement,

Anxiety management.

While each person’s results may differ with their experience, it is important to know that Reiki will do no harm to the recipient and the energy received will always benefit them.

Reiki can be used in conjunction with western medical care and will enhance the benefits without additional side effects. We see Reiki used in addition to chemotherapy and radiation in hospitals more and more around the world as doctors and researchers recognise the added benefits received by the recipients undergoing these treatments.