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Top Questions

We know you might have questions, so we have put our frequently asked below. 
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Can I learn Reiki?

Yes you can. Reiki is a healing modality everyone can learn if they choose to.
Mystic Energies currently offers Level 1 and Level 2 training weekends through out the year. For our current dates, check out the courses & workshops tab. 

How many sessions do I need?

How many do you feel you need? 
I personally recommend a minimum of 3 sessions if you want to work through a particular ailment, however this does vary between person to person and the reason for having Reiki in the first place. 

How often you receive Reiki is also unique to each person. Discuss this with your practitioner at your first session and they can help you make a decision that best suits you. 

How long does the session go for?

A therapy session will take up to 90 minutes in total. Up to an hour of this time will see you receive reiki, while the rest of the session is devoted to integration and discussion.
Discussion afterwards is extremely important as this provides you with the opportunity to talk through any feelings and emotions which have come up during the session and for the practitioner to pass on any feedback they have received for you.

Does Reiki involve physical touch?

Traditionally, and most frequently Reiki is conducted using non-invasive, gentle touch. However, this is not a requirement for you to benefit and can sometimes distract you from experiencing the energy flow in its purest form.
Predominately 'Hands-off' method is used by our resident Reiki Master.
If you are particular sensitive to touch, or wish to experience 'hands-on', let your practitioner know prior to your session and we will endeavour to accommodate.  

Do you help treat terminal illness, chronic illness or severe health problems?

Reiki can be offered as a complementary therapy to almost all illnesses. There are studies that have been conducted which supports the use of Reiki in this way for pain management, stress reduction among other ways help those with serious health conditions. We are more than happy to assist wherever we can but you are reminded that Reiki is not a replacement for medical care.

What does a treatment consist of?

You will be asked to lay down on a massage table, fully clothed, face up with hands on your sides. Palms can be face up or face down depending on what feels right for you. You will be asked to close your eyes and take deep breaths slowly in and out, allowing yourself to be nice and relaxed and ready to receive the energy.

The Reiki Practitioner will place their hands either on or just above your body along certain points. The hand positions do vary from client to client but almost always include the seven main chakra points along the centre of the body.

Do you offer Distance Reiki Healings?

Distance Reiki is available upon request for clients that are unable to make the journey to our treatment room due to health or disability preventing them. We do believe that in person contact does provide a more comforting and personalised experience, so a mobile service may be negotiated for an additional fee.